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0 92221 knitting accessories set

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The Kleiber knitting accessories set consists of 52 parts, everything neatly stowed away in a small plastic box. Everything you need for knitting and needlework is included in the box. The small box even fits in every pocket, so you always have your knitting utensils with you.


1x thread scissors (plastic/metal) 2x stitch holders (aluminium)

1x bodkin (metal)

1x stitch unpicker (plastic/metal) 1x tape measure (length: 60cm)

1x thimble (metal)

4x needlepoint protectors


3x cable knitting needles (plastic) 1x thread needle

1x blunt needle

10x bar tack stitch markers (plastic) 10x ring markers (plastic)

16: safety pins (metal)

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